What if...

-you sent a message to your doctor and it went DIRECTLY to your doctor (not a nurse triage, not someone on the doctor's team, not a central scheduling desk)?

-your doctor replied back DIRECTLY to you?

-you need a same-day appointment and are able to get that appointment with YOUR doctor?

-you need to get refills of your blood pressure medication and, instead of it going through insurance and being denied by prior authorization, or the cost being jacked up, you got the medication right from your doctor's office for the lowest cash price?

-you could go to see your doctor and not have to tell your story over and over again to different people on a team, because YOUR doctor knows YOU?

I know...it sounds too good to be true. When I decided to become a family physician, I knew this was how I ideally wanted to practice medicine, but didn't realize it was possible. But then I learned about Direct Primary Care.

At Gentile Family DPC, the above "What-ifs" are no longer a pipe-dream, they are the reality of your healthcare experience. Come check us out at Gentile Family DPC, where you can send an email inquiry and I will personally respond to it, no form letters, no middle-men, no central processing...just you and your future doctor connecting. Can't wait to go on this journey with you!

Love and light,
Dr. G 


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