But where do you get your IRON?!

I was never a good cook. like ever.

It's taken me a lot of trials and tribulations in the kitchen to learn how to cook for our plant-predominant family. I get a lot of questions about where we get sources of certain nutrients, so I am going to write up a few posts to help answer the questions.

You see, when people hear that we are raising Luca plant-based, a lot of them look in astonishment and start to dial the number of Child Protective Services. 

I won't digress into my thoughts on this reaction. Instead, I will spread positive energy and help to send out some education, because it took me a lot of reading and learning to make sure our family was doing ok nutrition-wise.

So here is question number 1: where do you get your iron?!

I found this awesome infographic from @plantyou who I follow on instagram. 

Plant-Based Tips & Recipes Did you know you can get iron from plants?! 🌿
By eating a variety of whole plant-based foods, it is easy for most to get enough iron in their diet. This is especially true for rich leafy greens such as spinach and kale. 🍃
By combining foods high in vitamin C you can also increase your absorption of iron by up to 5x. Meanwhile consuming caffeine and alcohol can inhibit absorption. 💁🏻‍♀️
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Other resources:

Here are some plant-based recipes for your family to try that incorporate some iron-rich sources

  1. Lentils: Last night I made some AWESOME  Vegan sloppy joes
  2. Hemp seeds, flax seeds, and oats: All of these can be found at most grocery stores. I toss a tablespoon into smoothies we make at home, or into our FAVORITE Oatmeal Bake (minus the drizzle on top) and Oatmeal cups that I have in the freezer all the time so we have quick breakfast available (Luca devours these like an animal)
  3. Soy products: baked tofu takes up the flavor of whatever you make it with. Try tossing it in with your pasta and marinara sauce next time.
  4. Soy products: Soy milk. When we transitioned Luca off of breast milk at 1 year, he went to full-fat soy milk. I like Silk brand, but West Soy has a good brand that is fortified as well.
  5. Peas, spinach, chickpeas/beans:  Toss all of these in a salad with this BOMB salad dressing
  6. Chickpeas/beans: try out this awesome falafel that I like to make a batch of and freeze some for future meals

Now I'm super hungry.


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